Garnier & Garnier Desarrrollos Inmobiliarios is a Costa Rican group with more than 18 years of experience in real estate development. It stands out in Costa Rica thanks to the comprehensive services offered to its clients and for the versatility of its undertakings according to market needs.

Garnier & Garnier has been involved in the design, construction, sales and promotion of multiple and successful real estate projects: industrial parks and free zones, shopping centers and exclusive resorts and residential condos.

Garnier & Garnier's business structure allows it to conceive project in an integral and comprehensive manner: clients are advised and guided throughout the whole process. This undoubtedly becomes its competitive advantage.

Since its foundation, Garnier & Garnier took on a style and corporate vision that has allowed it to grow continuously and to position itself as a leader in the Costa Rican market. The results of the developments undertaken by the group are its best introduction, ratifying its experience and soundness.


Garnier & Garnier Desarrollos Inmobiliarios S.A. is a leading company in the real estate market, with extensive experience, visionary, committed to their clients to offer an integral service, unique in its concept, innovative and with excellent quality.


Be leaders in the conceptualization, planning and execution of real estate solutions, committed to satisfying the customer, with innovation and sustainable development.