Costa Rica boasts unique natural wealth, and worldwide renown and projection. Garnier & Garnier develops innovative real estate solutions that strive to improve not only the quality of life of its clients but also sustainability and protection of their surrounding environment.

Higher profitability with environmental efficiency is sought with the following actions:

  • Minimizing the development's construction footprint (Viva)
  • Maximizing natural lighting (FlexiPark)
  • Green elements and roofing (Lindora Corporate Center)
  • LEED Certification for constructions (St Jude Medical – Coyol Free Zone)
  • Intelligent lighting and water use systems (Coyol rainwater lagoon)
  • Using environmentally friendly materials (Belen Corporate Center)
  • Planting native species (Hacienda Espinal)
  • Viva Residences.

    Minimizing the development's construction footprint

  • Flexipark

    Maximizing natural lighting

  • Lindora Corporate Center

    Green elements and roofing

  • Coyol Free Zone

    LEED Certification for constructions

  • Coyol rainwater lagoon

    Sistemas inteligentes de iluminación y uso de agua

  • El Cafetal

    Using environmentally friendly materials

  • Hacienda Espinal.

    Planting native species